$956.99 CAD

the ThinkCentre M710T, a powerful desktop computer designed to meet the needs of professionals. With its Intel i5-7400 processor, generous memory, fast storage, and Windows 10 Pro operating system, this computer delivers exceptional performance and reliability for all your professional tasks.

The ThinkCentre M710T features an Intel i5-7400 processor, clocked at 3.00GHz and equipped with a 6MB cache. With its quad-core technology, this processor provides ample processing power to handle even the most demanding tasks. Whether you're working on professional applications, creative software, or multitasking, the ThinkCentre M710T ensures smooth performance and increased productivity.

With 8.0GB of memory, the ThinkCentre M710T allows you to efficiently manage multiple tasks simultaneously. You can easily switch between applications without any slowdown, enhancing your productivity and efficiency at work. The generous memory also provides a seamless computing experience when running professional software and handling large datasets.

The ThinkCentre M710T is equipped with a 256GB PCIe SSD storage, offering fast read and write speeds. You'll experience quick system boot-up, rapid application loading, and instant access to your files. The SSD storage also improves response times and accelerates data transfer operations, enabling you to work more efficiently.

Preinstalled with the Windows 10 Pro 64 operating system, the ThinkCentre M710T provides a user-friendly interface and advanced features to meet your professional needs. You can benefit from built-in security features, seamless integration with Microsoft applications, and compatibility with a wide range of professional software. Windows 10 Pro also offers simplified management features, allowing you to easily control and secure your IT environment.

The ThinkCentre M710T comes with a SATA DVD-R drive, allowing you to read and write CDs and DVDs with ease. Whether it's for software installation, data backup, or watching movies, you have a versatile solution for your optical disc needs.

Connectivity on the ThinkCentre M710T is comprehensive with a variety of ports, including USB ports for connecting your devices, DisplayPort and VGA ports for external displays, audio jacks for headphones and microphones, and an Ethernet connection for fast and stable network connectivity. You can also utilize wireless connectivity with the integrated wireless network card.

In terms of durability and reliability, the ThinkCentre M710T undergoes rigorous testing to ensure consistent and dependable performance. It is designed to withstand the demands of a professional work environment, ensuring uninterrupted productivity. Additionally, it comes with a three-year onsite warranty, providing peace of mind and quick support in case of hardware issues.

In conclusion, the ThinkCentre M710T is a powerful desktop computer that delivers exceptional performance and reliability for professional tasks. With its Intel processor, generous memory, fast storage, and comprehensive connectivity options, it is suitable for a wide range of professional applications. Whether you need it for office work, multimedia usage, or resource-intensive applications, the ThinkCentre M710T is a reliable and efficient choice. Invest in the ThinkCentre M710T and boost your productivity today.