$878.99 CAD

the ThinkCentre M710q, a compact and powerful desktop computer designed to meet the demands of modern business environments. With its Intel i5-7400T processor, ample memory, fast storage, and reliable connectivity options, this computer delivers exceptional performance and versatility. Whether you need it for office tasks, multimedia usage, or resource-intensive applications, the ThinkCentre M710q is up to the challenge.

The ThinkCentre M710q is equipped with an Intel i5-7400T processor, featuring a base clock speed of 2.40GHz and a 6MB cache. With its quad-core architecture, this processor provides the processing power needed to handle multitasking, data processing, and demanding applications. Whether you're working on spreadsheets, creating presentations, or running complex software, the ThinkCentre M710q delivers smooth and efficient performance.

With 8.0GB of memory, the ThinkCentre M710q ensures smooth multitasking and efficient operation. You can seamlessly switch between applications, run virtual machines, and handle resource-intensive tasks without experiencing any slowdowns. The generous memory capacity allows for efficient data processing and enhances overall system performance.

The ThinkCentre M710q features a 128GB SSD PCIe storage, providing fast boot times, quick file access, and snappy application performance. The PCIe interface ensures faster data transfer rates compared to traditional hard drives, resulting in improved productivity and responsiveness. The ample storage capacity allows you to store your files, documents, and multimedia content without running out of space.

Connectivity is made easy with the ThinkCentre M710q. It is equipped with the Intel 3165 wireless adapter, providing reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless internet access. Additionally, it offers a range of ports including USB ports for connecting peripherals, DisplayPort and VGA for external displays, and audio jacks for headphones and microphones. The ThinkCentre M710q allows you to stay connected and productive.

The ThinkCentre M710q comes preinstalled with Windows 10 Pro 64, offering a familiar and feature-rich operating system for your computing needs. Benefit from advanced security features, seamless integration with Microsoft Office applications, and a user-friendly interface. Windows 10 Pro provides a secure and productive environment, allowing you to focus on your work.

Built with durability in mind, the ThinkCentre M710q undergoes rigorous testing to ensure reliability and long-term performance. It is designed to withstand the demands of a modern work environment, ensuring uninterrupted productivity. Additionally, it comes with a three-year onsite warranty, providing peace of mind and prompt support in case of any hardware issues.

In conclusion, the ThinkCentre M710q is a compact and powerful desktop computer that offers exceptional performance and versatility. With its Intel processor, ample memory, fast storage, and reliable connectivity options, it is suitable for a wide range of business tasks. Whether you need it for office work, multimedia usage, or resource-intensive applications, the ThinkCentre M710q is a reliable and efficient choice. Invest in the ThinkCentre M710q and elevate your productivity today.