$2,013.99 CAD

The ThinkCentre SE30 is a professional desktop computer designed to meet the needs of modern businesses. It is equipped with an ultra-fast Intel Core i5-1145GRE vPro processor that runs at a speed of 2.60 GHz and has 8 MB of cache memory. This provides a lot of processing power, making it easy to handle resource-intensive tasks such as running computer-aided design (CAD) software or simulations.

The Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 64 operating system is pre-installed on the computer, providing a familiar and intuitive user interface for easy operation. With 16GB of RAM, the computer is capable of handling multiple applications simultaneously, providing a smooth user experience with no slowdown. The 512GB SSD is M.2 2230 and uses PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe technology, which provides ultra-fast data read and write times and high reliability through OPAL.

The Intel 9260 2x2ac wireless module enables fast and reliable wireless connection to Wi-Fi networks, which is essential for modern businesses that depend on reliable Internet connectivity. In addition, the ThinkCentre SE30 comes with a three-year on-site warranty, ensuring fast and efficient support and maintenance when needed.

In short, the ThinkCentre SE30 is a powerful and reliable desktop computer designed to meet the data processing, connectivity and reliability needs of modern businesses.