$3,944.99 CAD

The MSI Desktop Computer MEG Aegis Ti5 11TD-220CA is a powerful, high-end machine that will delight the most demanding users in terms of performance and functionality. This system is equipped with an Intel Core i7-11700K processor running at 3.6GHz, offering fast and efficient processing speed for the most complex tasks.

The system also has 32GB of DDR4 RAM, which offers high processing capacity and smooth multitasking. In addition, the 1TB SSD and 2TB hard drive provide ample storage capacity for large files, applications and games.

The MSI Desktop Computer MEG Aegis Ti5 11TD-220CA is also equipped with an NVIDIA RTX3070 graphics card, which offers outstanding graphics performance for gaming and content creation applications. This graphics card also offers high processing power for artificial intelligence and simulation applications.

The system comes with the Windows 10 Professional operating system pre-installed, offering an easy-to-use user interface and broad compatibility with a wide variety of software and peripherals. Connectivity includes USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, Ethernet, and audio ports, offering great flexibility to connect different peripherals.

Finally, the MSI Desktop Computer MEG Aegis Ti5 11TD-220CA features a sleek and sturdy case, designed to provide high thermal efficiency and stability for the highest performance. This makes it ideal for users who need a high-performance, reliable and aesthetically pleasing machine.