$1,474.99 CAD

The MSI Aegis SE (Tower) Gaming Desktop is a high-performance desktop designed for the avid gamer. With its Intel Core i5-10400F processor, it offers exceptional processing power for the most demanding applications, including the latest video games. And with its GeForce GTX 1660 S graphics card, it can easily handle the most advanced high-resolution graphics and visual effects.

This system is equipped with 16GB of RAM in dual-channel configuration, which allows for a smoother and faster gaming experience. You can also store a large amount of games and media files on the 512GB SSD hard drive, offering ultra-fast load times and a faster user experience.

The MSI Aegis SE (Tower) Gaming Desktop is also equipped with WiFi 5 for a fast and stable wireless Internet connection, allowing you to play online without latency or interruption. It is also compatible with virtual reality, offering an immersive experience for gamers looking to immerse themselves in their game.

The pre-installed operating system is Windows 10 Home Plus, which offers an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface for gamers of all levels. The tower case is designed to be compact and sleek, offering a stylish look that suits any environment.

In summary, the MSI Aegis SE (Tower) Gaming Desktop is an ideal choice for avid gamers looking for top-notch processing power, excellent graphics quality, and an immersive gaming experience. With its fast storage capacity, fast and stable wireless internet connection, and virtual reality compatibility, it offers an exceptional gaming experience for the most demanding users.