$1,550.99 CAD

The Intel Bishop County NUC M15 Laptop Kit L7 is a high-performance device designed for demanding computing needs. It is powered by the 11th Gen Core i7 processor with a 12M Cache, providing lightning-fast speed of up to 4.70GHz, making it perfect for heavy-duty tasks such as video editing, gaming, and programming.

The laptop features the latest Xe graphics architecture, which offers exceptional graphics performance and allows you to run the latest games and applications smoothly. Additionally, the laptop has a 1080p (100% sRGB) + Touch Gray Finish FHD display, providing an immersive viewing experience that is sure to delight users.

With 16GB of memory, the Intel Bishop County NUC M15 Laptop Kit L7 can handle multitasking with ease. It ensures smooth performance, allowing you to run multiple applications simultaneously without any lag or slowdown.

The laptop kit requires storage and OS, which gives you the flexibility to choose your preferred storage and operating system. With a 2-year warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that your device is protected against any manufacturing defects.

Overall, the Intel Bishop County NUC M15 Laptop Kit L7 is a reliable, high-performance device that is perfect for professionals and enthusiasts who demand the best from their laptops.