$1,592.99 CAD

the French ThinkPad T14 Gen2 laptop with the following specifications: Processor: The laptop is powered by an Intel Core i7-1185G7 vPro processor, with a base clock speed of 3.00GHz and a 12MB cache. This processor is known for its strong performance, making it suitable for demanding tasks such as video editing, 3D rendering, and gaming. Display: The laptop features a 14-inch On-Cell Touch screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. This type of display provides a high-quality image with vibrant colors and deep blacks, while the touch functionality allows for a more intuitive user experience. Operating System: The laptop comes preinstalled with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, which was installed through downgrade rights in Windows 11 Pro 64-bit. This operating system is designed for business and professional users, and includes features such as enhanced security and remote access. Memory: The laptop is equipped with 16GB of RAM, which is a generous amount of memory that will allow for smooth multitasking and speedy application performance. Storage: The laptop features a 512GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe TLC Opal, which provides fast and reliable storage for all of your files, documents, and multimedia content. Connectivity: The laptop features Bluetooth 5.2 and WiFi6 AX201 2x2 connectivity, which will provide fast and reliable wireless internet access and data transfer speeds. Webcam: The laptop includes a 720p webcam, which is ideal for video conferencing and online meetings. Overall, the French ThinkPad T14 Gen2 is a powerful and versatile laptop that is well-suited for business and professional users who require a high-performance machine that is also portable and easy to use. With its strong processor, high-quality display, ample memory and storage, and fast wireless connectivity, this laptop is a great choice for anyone who needs a reliable and versatile computing device.