$10,789.99 CAD

Product Type: DLP Projector
Product Color: Black
Brand Name: BenQ
Form Factor: Floor Mountable
Manufacturer: BenQ Corporation
Product Model: LU9750
Product Name: LU9750 8500lms WUXGA Large-Venue Projector
Application/Usage: Large Venue
Manufacturer Part Number: LU9750
Manufacturer Website Address:
Weight (Approximate): 26.40 kg

BenQ LU9750 3D Ready DLP Projector - 16:10 - Ceiling Mountable, Wall Mountable, Floor Mountable - Black

Superb Image Quality

Revolutionary Laser Technology

BenQ, the world's #1 DLP brand, introduces a full line of innovative projectors featuring proprietary DLP high brightness laser technology for large venue applications. Combining high brightness, excellent image quality, installation flexibility and a maintenance-free laser light source, BenQ Laser Projectors enable immersive public displays and innovative visual communication in ways never before possible.

Superior Brightness

Zero-deviation alignment of laser diodes boosts luminous flux into the light tunnel, improving light efficacy.

Superior Performance

Dual synchronized color wheels utilize an additive yellow segment, stimulating precise RGBY spectra for optimal chromatic performance.

Superior Durability

Comprising over two million micromirrors that reflect pure light through the color wheel, the DLP chip is hermetically sealed to resist heat for over 200,000 hours without degradation.

Dual Color Wheels Produce 95% Rec.709 Color Coverage for Optimal Color Performance

To harness the high output of the powerful laser light source, BenQ engineers utilized dual color wheels for laser projectors to significantly achieve laser-precise RGBY color by eliminating the white segment of a conventional color wheel. Through an ideal mixture of the red, green, blue and yellow color segments, BenQ laser projectors produce brilliant color and a wider color gamut than conventional lamp-based projectors.

Ultra-High Contrast with Automatic Power Control

BenQ laser projectors directly control light output for faster response and strikingly clear images at a super-high contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1. Additionally there are automatic brightness adjustments to retain clarity and subtle details in dark scenes and balance in bright scenes.

WUXGA Resolution for Enhanced Detail and Expanded Content

With an impressive WUXGA (1920 x 1200) native resolution that far exceeds Full HD 1080p, BenQ's LU9750 laser projector offers greater detail and stunning clarity image when high resolution images are projected.

Custom Light Mode to Ensure Consistent Brightness Blending

Custom Light Mode modulates light power output from 40% to 100% under a scale of 80 steps, optimizing the projected image in a variety of ambient lighting situations. It is especially useful for blending consistent brightness across multiple projections.

Enduring Reliability

Guaranteed Performance for 20,000 Hours

BenQ laser projectors deliver 20,000 hours of superior image quality and performance. The laser light source resists color decay over time, making BenQ laser projectors ideal for multiple blending projections without concern for adjacent projectors generating different levels of brightness after a period of operation.

24/7 Operation

BenQ laser light source supports continuous 24/7 operation and is suitable for public display applications in museums and exhibitions. Users can choose from three different light source modes to optimize energy consumption and delivers up to 70,000 hours under Dimming Mode.

DLP Technology for Vibrant Color Endurance

BenQ laser projectors are based on the absolute reliability of 1chip DLP design. The highly durable DLP chip is rated to last over 100,000 hours without degradation, ensuring true-to-life colors and pristinely legible text for countless uses.

    • Enjoy the advantages of using the DLP technology that delivers high contrast, filter-free design, reduced pixelation and virtually no degradation

    • Produces a stunning 8500 lm brightness even in large rooms

    • Enjoy crystal clear projection with WUXGA resolution

    • Up to 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio

    • Connect your devices like Blu-ray player, notebook and others to your projector with HDMI port

    • Project image instantly from a PC or MacBook with the USB port

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