$457.99 CAD

The ASUS PN63-S1 Mini PC Barebone is an exceptional piece of hardware that is designed to meet the needs of users who demand high-performance computing in a compact and space-saving package. With its powerful Intel Core i3-1115G4 processor, this mini PC is capable of delivering exceptional performance for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to run multiple applications simultaneously, stream media content, or play games, the PN63-S1 can handle it all with ease.

One of the standout features of this mini PC is its support for up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM. This means that you can enjoy lightning-fast speeds when running memory-intensive applications, such as video editing software, without any lag or performance issues. Additionally, the PN63-S1 is equipped with two M.2 SSD slots and one 2.5-inch HDD bay, which allows you to configure the storage options to suit your needs. With this level of storage capacity, you can store all your important files and documents without worrying about running out of space.

Another feature that sets the PN63-S1 apart from the competition is its support for WiFi 6 and Bluetooth connectivity. This ensures that you can easily connect to wireless networks and peripherals, such as keyboards, mice, and headphones, without any connectivity issues. Additionally, the inclusion of a USB-C port ensures that you can connect to a wide range of devices, including external displays, with ease.

The PN63-S1 is also designed to be mounted on the VESA mount, which means that you can easily attach it to the back of a monitor or TV, freeing up valuable desk space. This makes it an ideal choice for those who work in small offices or have limited desk space.

Overall, the ASUS PN63-S1 Mini PC Barebone with Intel Core i3-1115G4 is an exceptional piece of hardware that offers exceptional performance, storage options, and connectivity features. Whether you need it for work or play, this mini PC is sure to exceed your expectations.