$1,030.99 CAD

The ASUS PN62S Mini PC System is a powerful and compact computing solution that offers exceptional performance and versatility. Featuring an Intel Core i7-10710U processor and 16GB of RAM, this mini PC is capable of handling even the most demanding computing tasks with ease.

The system also comes equipped with a lightning-fast M.2 512GB SSD, which provides ample storage space and quick access to your important files and applications. The inclusion of dual 4K support means that you can connect two 4K monitors for an immersive and seamless viewing experience.

With built-in WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5, you can enjoy lightning-fast wireless connectivity and easily connect to other devices. The Gigabit LAN ensures that you have a stable and fast wired connection when you need it.

This mini PC also comes with a wired keyboard and mouse, which ensures that you have all the tools you need to get started right out of the box. Additionally, the VESA mount makes it easy to attach this mini PC to the back of your monitor, freeing up valuable desk space.

Running on Windows 10 Pro, this mini PC offers a familiar and easy-to-use operating system that is ideal for both personal and professional use. Overall, the ASUS PN62S Mini PC System is a highly capable and versatile computing solution that is perfect for anyone looking for a powerful and compact device.