$490.99 CAD

The ASUS PN50 MiniPC is a compact, high-performance solution for demanding users looking for a space-saving desktop computer. With its 8-core AMD Ryzen R7-4700U mobile processor, this machine delivers outstanding performance for the most demanding applications.

In terms of connectivity, the PN50 features USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C ports for fast and easy data transfers. It also features 802.11AX WiFi 6 connectivity, providing faster connection speeds and increased stability for a smooth, uninterrupted user experience.

The PN50 can also support up to 4 displays in 4K resolution, making it an ideal solution for content creation professionals, gamers, and multitasking workers who need multiple displays for their work.

In addition, the PN50 can accommodate up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM, providing enough power for the most resource-intensive applications. It also comes with a slot for an M.2 SSD hard drive, offering high storage speed and increased responsiveness for faster load times.

In summary, the ASUS PN50 MiniPC is a compact and powerful computer, offering fast connectivity and extensive display versatility, as well as great processing and storage power, making it an ideal solution for professional users and demanding gamers.