$1,035.00 USD

The Dell Optiplex 7090 is a high-quality, compact desktop computer designed to meet the performance needs of the modern business user. It is equipped with a 10th generation Intel Core i7-10700T processor, providing exceptional processing power for the most demanding computing tasks.

With 16GB of RAM, this computer is able to handle multiple applications simultaneously without compromising performance. In addition, the memory is expandable to 64GB if needed.

The Optiplex 7090 is equipped with a 256GB SSD hard drive, which offers excellent read and write speeds. This means files and programs will load quickly, improving productivity and reducing wait time.

This desktop computer is equipped with a wireless keyboard for easy and comfortable use. In addition, it has an integrated Intel HD graphics card, which allows for quality viewing on multiple screens.

The Optiplex 7090 comes with Windows 10 Professional pre-installed and also includes an upgrade license to Windows 11. This means you can be sure to get the latest features and software updates.

Finally, the Optiplex 7090's compact size makes it an ideal option for small workspaces. Its minimalist, modern design easily fits into any work environment.