$859.00 USD

The Optiplex 7090 is a compact, high-performance desktop computer that delivers exceptional performance to meet the most demanding business needs. With a 10th generation Core i5-10505 processor, this computer is able to easily handle multiple tasks simultaneously while offering great energy efficiency.

With 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD hard drive, this computer offers ample storage capacity and fast processing speed for quick data access. Wireless connectivity and Windows 10 Professional license key with the ability to upgrade to Windows 11 bring great flexibility and ease of use for users.

The integrated Intel HD graphics card provides outstanding image quality and a pleasant visual experience for users. With a wireless keyboard, productivity is further enhanced by providing greater mobility.

In short, the Optiplex 7090 is an excellent solution for professionals looking to improve their productivity with a powerful and compact desktop computer, while enjoying modern and innovative features.