$1,050.00 USD

The Optiplex 7090 is a powerful, high-performance desktop computer with an Intel Core i5-10505 processor and 16GB of RAM to allow you to work efficiently on multiple tasks simultaneously. With its two DIMM slots, you can upgrade the RAM up to 32GB for even more speed and efficiency.

The 512GB solid state drive (SSD) gives you fast and reliable storage for your files, applications and programs. You'll be able to work smoothly and quickly thanks to its high read and write speeds. The Optiplex 7090 is also equipped with Intel HD graphics for a smooth, high-quality visual experience.

The included wireless keyboard lets you work comfortably without cable clutter, and the built-in wireless connectivity makes it easy to connect to the Internet and other peripherals without the need for additional cables.

The compact SFF case is perfect for small workspaces or home offices, while still offering plenty of power and functionality. It comes equipped with Windows 10 Pro and can be easily upgraded to Windows 11 Pro for the latest productivity and security features.

All in all, the Optiplex 7090 is a powerful, reliable desktop computer equipped with the latest technologies to meet your most demanding business and personal needs.