$971.28 CAD

The Dell Optiplex 3080 is a powerful and reliable desktop computer that is perfect for demanding business and personal users. With its 10th generation Core i5-10505 processor, it offers fast and smooth performance for most common computing tasks.

In addition, the presence of 16GB of RAM allows for efficient management of multiple applications simultaneously, ensuring an optimal user experience. The computer also features a 256GB SSD hard drive that offers ultra-fast boot and load times for all applications.

The compact design of the Dell Optiplex 3080 SFF makes it easy to integrate into any work environment. It features a DVD-RW drive, Ethernet, VGA and HDMI connectivity for versatile and convenient use. The integrated Intel HD graphics card delivers crisp, clear images for viewing visual content.

The Dell Optiplex 3080 SFF comes pre-installed with Windows 10, Microsoft's latest and most popular operating system, for immediate use right out of the box. In short, it's a reliable, high-performance desktop computer that will suit anyone looking to improve their computing productivity.